Poppins Nursery School

                         About Poppin's Nursery School

Please click on the link below to download a Prospectus and Registration Forms to enroll your child at Poppins Nursery School



Poppin’s Nursery School has been created to provide not just education but exceptional education with kindness, caring, love, and fun.    Poppin’s Nursery School is owned and managed by Linè Barnard who has developed an excellent reputation over an amazing 20 years experience in child care.  Linè has a talent for helping children who have previously not integrated into a school environment and need extra care and the maximum amount of attention possible. 



Our vision is to create a safe, happy, friendly, learning and play environment where children can gain not only an education but life skills, social skills and physical skills within a structured daily routine.



Our mission  is to guide the children to become our future through teaching, tolerance, acceptance, understanding and compassion with a foundation of education, life skills, social skills and physical skills.



We aim to:

· Make your child’s first school experience one of friendship and fun.  This leads to successful education


· Give your  child the maximum amount of attention possible.  This is achieved by keeping our classes and workgroups small


· Exercise your child’s mental powers with stimulating activities which helps to curb challenging behavior


· Lay the foundations of fundamental academic and  social concepts, which are developed later at primary school


· Prepare your child for the transition to primary school in order that this occurs with anticipated pleasure not trauma.



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